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  • what can you give dogs for pain

    What Can You Give A Dog For Pain ?

    There are many times when one wishes to hear his pet talk (in human language). Ever seen your cute little doggy longingly eyeing you and you can’t understand the meaning behind the looks. Your dog might just need your care and attention but in some cases, it can be worse.YOUR DOG CAN BE IN PAIN.At […]

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    why does my dog have diarrhea

    Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea ? – Find a Solution Here

    Ever experienced that urgent feeling that stimulate the nausea along with loose or watery stool expel or simply Diarrhea?  It is not a happy feeling, right? So just imagine your pet having to experience the same. And to be helpless while your loved one suffers, can be more sickening. In this article let me answer […]

  • can-dogs-eat-peaches

    Can Dogs Eat Peaches ?

    From childhood, we are taught to share our things with others. So no wonder sharing a juicy, delicious peaches to our furry little friend become a natural tendency to us. But can dogs eat peaches ? Is it safe to them ? Lets dig into this topic deeper today. To make the answer simple, its […]

  • can-dogs-eat-almonds

    Can Dogs Eat Almonds ? – Pet Owners Guide

    From time immemorial, almonds are known for their nutritious value. Passed on by the ancient Egyptians and Indian medical practitioners, the habit of including almonds in one’s diet is followed almost all over the world. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, calcium, iron and are helpful in treating coughs, constipation, anemia and migraine. We know […]

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    long haired dog brreds

    Top 13 Long Haired Dog Breeds That Will Make You Envy

    Dogs are animals that always amuse us. You need not own one to enjoy a dog’s cuteness.  Be it their wagging of tails, licking, barking, jumping or smiling (yes, you read it right), dogs are immensely attractive if they are properly trained and taken care of. Anyone will take a minute to appreciate a dog […]

  • if animals were able to talk

    If Animals Were Able To Talk …

    What if animals were able to talk? How would they sound? What would they say? You might have lots of these questions running in your mind not only in your childhood but even now as a grown up. It’s not just you and me but the entire world has this thought running in their mind. […]

  • maddy

    How Dogs Age Gracefully – A Touching Photography Project

    Amanda Jones, Newyork based pet photographer has spent her past 20 years for developing an incredible project which shows how fast the lives of our beloved dogs moves on. Since we love our dogs like a family, in our eyes, they grow at 10x speed from puppy stage to the fully grown wise old stage. […]

  • dogs-of-instagram-1

    10 Stylish Dogs On Instagram That Dress Better Than You

    Whether it’s a human or animal, not everyone with skills get a chance to appear on the big screen and attain that celebrity title. However the real talents can’t be hidden. They break the internet and become internet celebrities in some way or the other. (Some with their talent and some with their cool looks.) […]

  • how to make your dog happy

    16 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

    We the dog owners always want to make sure that our dogs receive only the best in everything they supposed to. We all know that treats, playtime, Dog Park, toys etc etc can bring happiness to his life. But still at some point or the other, we stuck up thinking the new ways to make […]

  • low protein dog foods

    Top 10 Best Low Protein Dog Foods That Are Actually Yummy

    Low protein dog food can be very controversial. If your veterinarian suggested to keep your dog on a low protein diet,  it is very likely that he has been diagnosed with kidney issues and it is prescribed to ensure the safety of your dog. As a pet owner, one of the best things that you […]

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